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[Top] Best escape rooms in Budapest

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If you’re an escape game enthusiast, you probably know that Budapest is a must-visit destination! Historically, Budapest has played a significant role in the history of escape games and also offers excellent escape game experiences. Here, we present our top immersive games in the Hungarian capital.

The First Escape Game in Europe

This is mainly due to the fact that the first escape game in Europe was opened in Hungary by the company ParaPark. This European escape game was created in Budapest in 2011 by Attila Gyurkovics. It marked the beginning of an experience that contributed to the popularization of escape games across Europe.

ParaPark’s concept was quite similar to modern escape games. Players were locked in a real room and had a limited time to solve puzzles, find clues, and unlock locks to escape. The original ParaPark scenario featured a story where players were trapped in an old mysterious room and had to solve the mystery of a scientist’s disappearance.

As you know, many escape games have since opened all over Europe, including many in France, much to our delight.

The Unique Features of Budapest’s Escape Games

Escape games in Budapest are very similar to those found in France. However, the quality of escape games can be uneven: some are poorly maintained and gradually disappear under their own dust. On the other hand, there are a few standout venues that offer incredible experiences.

The best escape games in Budapest stand out for their set design and immersion. There are numerous escape games with stunning and elaborate sets. The spaces are large, and the attention to detail is impeccable. Players often get to move across multiple levels during their session, including stairs, ladders, floor reenactments, and even boat decks – you’ll be fully immersed in the action. You’ll rarely feel like you’re moving from room to room, as if in an apartment.

Escape games in Budapest are also quite affordable. We were able to play many escape games for around €17 per person, even with just two players. Prices can go as low as €10 for larger teams.

Other Immersive Experiences in Budapest

One of the escape game companies in Budapest has opened two immersive restaurants: one themed around Harry Potter (the Magic Budapest) and the other around pirates (Pirate Empire). The sets in both restaurants are quite amazing, though we preferred the Pirate restaurant. The menus are in line with the respective themes, and you’ll have the option of choosing a vegetarian meal.

Our Top Escape Games in Budapest

The following rooms are ranked from the best escape games in Budapest to the least.

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